lara amalia

hi. my name is lara.
I am a web developer and a musician and I love what I'm doing (at least most of the time). on this page I'd like to tell you a little bit about me.

Lara Amalia, photo by Natalie Paloma Lara Amalia with violin, photo by Natalie Paloma Lara Amalia with violin, photo by Natalie Paloma


I started singing when I was a small child. I play the violin since I was five years old. my life has always been full of music and will always be.

I am singer in a vocal ensemble called anders_chor. I also write my own songs. recently I started playing cello. I love it.

if you want to listen to my music check out this list of upcoming gigs, my projects or my YouTube channel.

if you like soul, funk and jazz music as much as I do I would love to work with you.


when I was 12 years old I read a book about HTML and started building websites with table layouts and framesets and using image maps as site navigation.

since then I have learned a lot. I studied media technology and design (FH Hagenberg) and computer science (JKU Linz).

at the moment I love working as a web developer together with an awesome team at Dynatrace Linz on projects like our design system Barista and our internal Angular components library. I'm also teaching "webdesign & -programming" at FH Hagenberg.

I did a few WordPress projects in the past but prefer building static sites now. find all projects here.


I have a cat called Gandalf (the white).

I love baking, especially cupcakes.

I like Mary Poppins and Harry Potter, the books and the movies.

I don't like sports, but when I feel like I have to move, I enjoy running.

my favourite colour is blue, maybe that's because I'm in love with the sea.

Galadriel and Gandalf the endless sea


wanna chat with me?

you can find me in linz, on twitter – @lara_amalia – or just send an email to .

And, believe it or not, this website does not use any cookies.