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I started singing when I was a small child. I have been playing the violin since I was five years old. Later I learned to play the piano. Recently I started taking cello lessons.
I love it.

As a singer/songwriter I write songs in Upper Austrian dialect. I’m also a singer in a vocal ensemble called anders_chor.

my life has always been full of music and will always be

lara amalia and band

Together with three passionate musicians and good friends of mine, I started to arrange my songs for a band in 2020. Soon we’ll play our first live concerts.

Until then, you can watch a living room session we recorded in November: Bring mi zruck åns Meer (YouTube).

Lara Amalia und Band
Lara Amalia

I have a cat called Gandalf (the white).

I like Mary Poppins and Harry Potter, the books as well as the movies.

When I feel like freeing up my mind, I enjoy going for a run.

My favourite colour is blue, maybe that’s because I’m in love with the sea.

Wanna chat with me?

You can find me in Gmunden, on Twitter or you can just write me an email at hallo@laraamalia.at.